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Embracing a New Chapter: Lavender Blue's Transformation from Dessert Haven to Elegant Event Space

In the heart of Orangeville, a captivating tale of transformation is unfolding at the once-beloved dessert haven, Le Finis. Business partners, Terry and Vanessa, the visionary minds behind Lavender Blue Catering and Events, have gracefully closed the chapter on their dessert-focused cafe to embrace an exhilarating new venture. With passion and precision, this dynamic duo, along with their dedicated team, is infusing new life into the space, meticulously transforming it into an elegant event rental venue that promises a sensory journey and a touch of vintage charm.


Terry’s culinary journey began with a profound love for French cuisine, a tradition she honours with unwavering dedication in every dish. However, her culinary curiosity knows no bounds, propelling her to explore the diverse and vibrant flavours of the world. Presently, Terry finds joy and inspiration in the intricate flavours of Asian cuisine, skillfully infusing her creations with a harmonious blend of time-honoured techniques and innovative twists. When asked about her fascination with Asian cuisine, Terry shared, “The contrast and richness in flavours have been fun to explore and learn about!” Vanessa, on the other hand, finds deep fulfillment in the emotional depth of her work at Lavender Blue. Reflecting on her role, Vanessa expressed, “I cherish the privilege of being a part of both joyous celebrations and impactful moments, recognizing the earnest impact that food can have on our lives.” It’s an inspiring viewpoint that adds a deeper layer to their culinary journey.


The team at Lavender Blue Catering and Events takes immense pride in providing the highest standard of customer service, food quality, and in building lasting connections. Terry and Vanessa particularly relish the connections they have grown, viewing them as opportunities to curate truly memorable experiences. They have seen clients transition from customers to friends, celebrating not just their weddings but also the milestones of their babies—a testament to the lasting bonds they create. This is the essence of what they hope to continue with their new event space, once known as Le Finis.


As Lavender Blue Catering and Events transitions into its new identity, its core essence remains unchanged—to craft unforgettable memories. The venue, now adorned with exquisite vintage accents and complemented by fine cutlery, sets the stage for an unparalleled experience. Whether it’s a grand wedding celebration, an intimate gathering of friends, or any occasion in between, Terry, Vanessa, and their team are committed to curating an atmosphere that lingers in the hearts of their guests long after the event concludes. With Lavender Blue, Terry and Vanessa extend an invitation not only to savor the flavours but also to embrace the emotions that accompany each dish. They envision their catering space as a canvas for life’s bittersweet moments, where every event is an artful composition of flavours and memories that endure. For your next event space or catering needs, consider booking with Lavender Blue. You can easily make a reservation online or by contacting them directly.