Shopping & Dining

Experience the delightful fusion of local charm and flavour while shopping and dining in Dufferin County. Dufferin County invites you to shop, dine, and discover our charming communities’ authentic treasures and tastes.

Shopping in Dufferin County

Explore village streets lined with boutiques offering treasures, galleries showcasing curated artworks, and markets brimming with locally sourced products.

A visitor lifts two bags from a shop counter.

Two guests dine in a quaint restaurant in Dufferin County.

Dining in Dufferin County

Indulge in farm-to-table dining served with a side of Dufferin’s homegrown hospitality. From comfort foods to gourmet dishes, commemorate your visit with a satisfied palette.

Find More Local Businesses

Discover three business centres in Dufferin County, each filled with local shopping and dining experiences.