Immerse in Art & History: Galleries, Heritage Sites, and Cultural Delights
1 day
Explore galleries, studios, and heritage sites, interact with artists, and learn about rural town histories. Participate in art classes, historical tours, and cultural events that contribute to the region’s tapestry. Enjoy live music, theater performances, and culinary delights intertwined with the county’s history and culture.
A woman etches markings into pottery.
Museum of Dufferin

Begin your day by delving into Dufferin County’s rich heritage at the Museum of Dufferin in Mulmur. Explore captivating exhibits showcasing the region’s history, art, and culture.

Self-guided Historical Tour

Take a stroll through downtown Shelburne for a self-guided historical tour, uncovering architectural treasures and fascinating stories that define the town’s heritage.

Jelly Craft Bakery

Don’t miss a visit to Jelly Craft Bakery for a sweet treat and a glimpse into some more local history.

Historic Shelburne Town Hall & Grace Tipling Hall

Visit the historic town hall in Shelburne to admire exhibits by local artists, then catch a live theater performance at Grace Tipling Hall.

The Farmhouse Pottery

Drive to Mono and explore The Farmhouse Pottery for handcrafted works of art, nestled by the scenic Nottawasaga River.

Black Birch Restaurant

Enjoy a locally crafted meal at the Black Birch Restaurant, with picturesque views from the dining room.

Art Walks

Head to Orangeville for self-guided public art tours, including tree sculptures, historic images, and vibrant murals.


Explore art stores and galleries, like Dragonfly Arts on Broadway and Maggiolly Art, for unique finds to take home.

Theatre Orangeville

Conclude your day with a captivating live production at Theatre Orangeville. Immerse yourself in the world of theater as talented actors bring theatre to life on stage, providing an unforgettable experience.

Barley Vine Rail Co.

For dinner, savour fresh cuisine, wine and craft beer at Barley Vine Rail Co., housed in a historic train station.

Revival 1863

Continue the evening downstairs at Revival 1863 for an authentic speakeasy experience with cocktails and live music.